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Knight Visor is BLUPOND’s premium night vision glasses brand. We created Knight Visor for those who want to enhance their night driving experience and safeguard their eyesight without compromising on quality optics. 

We take pride in serving over 500K of all kinds of drivers, pros, truckers and seniors, from all around the world, since we started in 2015. Our products’ exquisite quality and build have stood the test of time and justifiably earned their top position in the market.

Our Promise

  • We never settle for less than perfect when it comes to quality, durability and usability. We aim to provide a real solution for a real problem at a reasonable price.
  • We packed together all of the goodies we developed through the years into a one of kind bundle to provide amazing brand buying experience.
  • We run our own supply chain to ensure fast and reliable delivery.
  • We will always be here, ready for your feedbacks.