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Improving Your Driving Experience

Day and Night Driving Glasses: Improving your Driving Experience

The experience of driving is a fun and exhilarating one. However, in many films and stories, driving is often seen as a cathartic experience similar to a rite of passage. This is because the act of driving is one that is full of responsibilities.

Driving is more than just getting from point A to B. It requires a general knowledge of the vehicles, its parts, and various functions. It also requires an understanding and abidance of laws that are meant to maintain order.

Moreover, the driver must take on the responsibility of ensuring safety on the road. A hunk of metal travelling at high speeds could lead to accidents, injuries, and worst of all, death.

In truth, driving is a dangerous endeavor. It doesn’t matter what country people are driving in. More than a million people die of car crashes each and every year, with 20 to 50 times that number suffering injuries.

As such, it is in every driver’s best interest to equip themselves with equipment that will ensure one’s safety on the road.

Two things that drivers can negatively affect driving is driving during the day and driving during night. Given that this covers all times of driving, there is a need for every driver to do their part to drive safely. Fortunately, day and night driving glasses can greatly help reduce the risk of accidents and death on the road.

The Dangers of Day and Night Driving

Whenever someone steps behind the wheel of a car, there are hazards on the road. It could be other vehicles, other drivers, and even things in the environment that could play a part in disaster.

When driving during the day, the sun is something that people have to contend with. Even on a clear and sunny day, the bright sun and the glare that comes off it can often act as a hazard to people’s driving.

For starters, even a momentary exposure to glare can compromise a person’s sight. It may obstruct other objects or vehicles from a person’s view, causing accidents. Furthermore, the sun’s glare can often lead to increased fatigue for drivers and negative driving performance.

Improving Your Driving Experience - dangers of day and night driving
The sun’s glare can often lead to increased fatigue for drivers and negative driving performance.

What happens when the sun comes down? Despite the fact that the sun has set, taking with it the bright blinding rays, there are still hazards present that may negatively impact a person’s driving. In fact, the number of night time accidents is four times more than the accidents during the day.

The world shrouded in night and darkness has its own set of challenges for drivers. Granted there are light posts and the headlights from cars that can help lead the way.

Unfortunately, the glare from oncoming headlights may end up blinding drivers if it is too bright. This also causes drivers to take their eyes off the road, raising the risk of accidents.

Moreover, many people’s eyesights are naturally compromised by illnesses or eye conditions. If left unchecked, these may contribute to night blindness. People with night blindness have a hard time seeing in low light situations.

Day and Night Driving Glasses

Fortunately, Knight Visor knows and offers what drivers need to drive safely whether during the day or at night. These come in the form of day time driving glasses and night vision glasses, a 2 in 1 pack that ensures you’ll have the right equipment for driving any time of the day.

Quality Builds

Both these glasses are made with quality in mind. The lenses are made of polycarbonate shatterproof lenses. This ensures durability when people wear them. Drivers can also rest assured that they don’t need to be overly cautious when wearing these.

At the same time, the overall durability of the glasses is doubled with the frames and hinges. These glasses come in a frame made from aluminum and magnesium. It also includes reinforced hinges.

Finally, both of these glasses have flip-up lenses. This means that at any time, these lenses can be flipped up, making them versatile for any and all situations.

Day Time Driving Glasses

First off, we have the day time driving glasses. As one can imagine, these glasses are used to stop the negative and dangerous effects of the sun’s glare. More importantly, they protect the driver’s eyes from UV light.

UV light is electromagnetic radiation from the sun. While it is invisible to the naked eye, it does pierce through the Earth’s atmosphere. If it rests on a person’s skin and eye for long, it may cause problems.

The good news is that day time driving glasses have UV400 lenses. Lenses of this UV grade block up to 100% of UV light.

Improving Your Driving Experience - night driving glasses ebay
Day time driving glasses are used to stop the negative and dangerous effects of the sun’s glare.

Night Vision Glasses

On the opposite end are the night vision glasses. While they act closely to sunglasses or day time driving glasses, there are noticeable differences.

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest hazards from nighttime driving is the glare from oncoming traffic. It may temporarily blind other drivers if too bright. With the night vision glasses, drivers will have no problem with any glare from oncoming traffic.

The lenses of these glasses come in yellow or amber. The choice of color is more than a style choice.

The light from oncoming traffic is filtered through the yellow or amber lenses. Once it passes through these lenses, harmful blue light is filtered out.

Blue light contains the most energy within the light spectrum. This is the type of light that causes glare when it enters people’s eyes. With it filtered out though, drivers can set their sights on the road and keep it there unhindered.

Improve your Driving Experience

Whether you are driving during the day or night, there are hazards that can cause accidents and fatalities on the road. These come in the form of the sun’s glare, as well as the glare from oncoming traffic.

Do yourself a favor and improve your safety whenever you step behind the wheel of a car. Knight Visor’s 2 in 1 Day and Night Driving Glasses are the ultimate duo that will not only improve your driving experience, but also improve safety on the road.

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