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Night Time Driving Tips

Night Time Driving Tips To Help You Keep Safe

Driving in itself has many hazards and a high amount of risk attached to it. This is why one of the things taught to new drivers is defensive driving.

Despite the fact that night driving only takes about a quarter of all people’s driving, statistics from the National Safety Council of America state that half of all driving-related deaths happen at night time.

They go on to say that familiarity of the road is a non-factor. Whether people are driving on the road they know or not, nighttime driving accidents take place. Even with 60 percent less traffic on the road at night, 40 percent of all road-related accidents take place when the sun goes down.

These pieces of information, while eye-opening, are not meant to discourage people from driving at night. Driving at night is an inevitability, and should be treated with the utmost respect and caution.

In order to help people drive safer at night, the people at Knight Visor are here to share several night time driving tips that will help keep drivers safe. These tips include things that focus on attitude, preparation, things you may encounter while driving at night, and important equipment that can help get the job done.

Night Time Driving Tips

Night Time Driving Glasses

When driving at night, one of the biggest hazards that drivers can encounter is the glare from oncoming traffic. If the light is quite bright, it may blind drivers and have them take their eyes off the road. As people can imagine, this may lead to accidents that can cause injury or death.

The oncoming glare from other car’s lights cannot be just taken away though. Driving at night is already stressful as it is because of the reduced amount of light and visibility of which to see and assess where a person is driving.

Fortunately, there is something that can be used to battle this. It is the Night Time Driving Glasses.

These types of glasses act pretty much like sunglasses. Sunglasses are usually worn when the sun is bearing down a fierce light. This light is not only blinding, but also damaging to the eyes. The sunglasses help to see through the sun’s bright lights.

Night Time Driving Tips - night time driving glasses

In the same way, night time driving glasses help drivers see through the blinding glare from oncoming traffic.

These glasses have non-prescription lenses that come in tints of yellow and amber. The way it works is that these night time driving glasses take in the light from oncoming traffic, and when it passes through the lens, it filters out harmful blue light.

This is important as blue light is a light in the spectrum that has the most energy. This type of light is what causes the glare when it enters the eye.

This allows drivers to keep their focus on the road, even when bright blinding lights come from the other cars.

Knight Visor offers the very best night time driving glasses that drivers should check out.

Recognize and Battle Fatigue

Another great tip to follow when driving at night is to stop and assess oneself before driving. Recognize the signs of fatigue. If any driver is feeling fatigued, then it may benefit them to think first before actually going for a drive at night. Maybe take a nap first, or get someone who isn’t feeling fatigued to drive instead.

As stated before though, there are many times when driving at night is a part of a person’s day. If it is absolutely necessary, fatigued drivers may need to grab a cup of strong coffee first. Other tips include turning on the radio, rolling down the windows, and even talking to oneself.

It must be stated though that even if a driver isn’t feeling fatigued but is driving at night, they still have to be extra cautious because other drivers might be. Recall and enforce the principles of defensive driving.

Keep the Car Clean

Here is a safety tip that people don’t usually consider when thinking about driving at night. The tip is to ensure that the car being driven is clean.

Getting a car dirty is inevitable when it is being driven for a number of days. There are some drivers that try to weather the days with their amount of dirt and grime that they have on their cars. The unfortunate truth though is that driving with a dirty car increases the risk of accidents, especially at night.

A very dirty windshield not only makes it hard to see when a person is driving. The build up of dirt and grime also amplifies the amount of glare that is received from oncoming traffic and even street lights.

At the same time, if dirt is covering the headlights, it makes it less effective when illuminating the roads at night.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Night Time Driving Tips - check up
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The final tip that we at Knight Visor can offer is to head to the doctor and get them eyes checked.

There are so many diseases and illnesses that can compromise a person’s eyesight. These things include night blindness (which is more of a symptom of other illnesses), myopia, glaucoma, cataracts, and even vitamin A deficiency just to name a few.

These conditions contain a mixed bag of solutions. These are usually dependent on the type of condition that a person has. For instance, things like myopia or astigmatism can be fixed by wearing prescription glasses.

Conditions like diabetes – which can severely affect a person’s eyesight – can be fixed by taking the prescribed medications and committing to lifestyle changes.

Whatever the condition may be, the first and most important step is knowing that there is a problem there that can affect night time driving. After that though, the next part will need commitment from the person.

Again, these conditions are not a death sentence. They can be turned around and many people can recover. It just requires a certain amount of commitment and willpower in order to fix.

Putting in the time and effort to ensure that drivers take to the road safely at night is a worthwhile cause.

Drive Safely at Night

If there is anything that we at Knight Visor would like our readers to take away from this article, it is that driving at night is very risky. Wearing polarized sunglasses are essential. When people understand this and keep it in the back of their minds, they can take extra precautions when they drive at night.

The tips above will help greatly in driving safely at night. Whether it is purchasing night driving glasses, keeping the car clean, or heading to the doctor, do whatever it takes to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

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